Our favourite campaigns of the summer


Designed to celebrate active women up and down the Country this campaign truly captured the Nation’s heart and mind.

This campaign is so powerful because of how perfectly integrated it is, the overall campaign idea works across so many disciplines it’s hard not to be drawn in.

  • Motivational – the words empower those already exercising and those who want to in equal mesaure
  • Beautiful – it’s incredibly well shot, the use of bold primary colour really draws your eye
  • Powerful – it clearly uses real people, so speaks to you on a human level not a superficial one

What elements are there to the campaign?


  • Hero Content – YouTube

Raw, powerful video designed to be shared and viewed over 8 million times

  • OOH Media – Posters

Billboards across the UK featuring the girls in the hero content, with shots that celebrated the fact they were exercising


  • Hub – ThisGirlCan.com

A comprehensive site which drives those who visit to both feel inspired and provide them with information to get them into sports.

  • Collated social content to get you inspired by other real people #thisgirlcan
  • Meet the stars of the advert and discover more about the hero sports and even where you can get involved locally
  • A hero story area to discover others who’ve been inspired by the campaign and more about how they keep fit
  • Finally a place to discover specific activities you can get involved in


  • Social

Download the This girl Can app to create your very own posters, putting you front and centre of the campaign, so users are generating their own content


Being the must-see Blockbuster of 2015…so far (cough, Star Wars, cough) means that there’s a lot of pressure to deliver, and they certainly did.

It was a campaign that was impossible to miss. It seemed there was an advert every break, it had been trailed in cinemas for months in advance and racking up millions of YouTube hits, but how do you keep the momentum up?

Takeover an entire train station of course.

London Waterloo became it’s very own Jurassic park with life-sized raptors climbing out of cages, and poster takeovers welcoming you to the park. There really was no expense spared with shipping containers destroyed and distressed and incredibly detailed models produced so you could really get a feel for the beasts.

Why stop there?

If you head to the Jurassic World website you’re treated to a fully functioning website for a theme park that doesn’t even exist. Check queue times, ride times and meet all of the attractions. Even check out the hotel facilities, the golf course and the tennis club. An incredible amount of work and planning has clearly gone into the site and that really shows.

The whole campaign really generated an immersive experience.


Why not give away ice cream with the latest news alerts? This summer the Wall Street Journal branded an ice cream truck and set about giving away the big scoops.

They had 4 unique flavours; Vanilla Bond, Choc Blue-Chip, Rocky Road to Success, Rum Raisin’ Capital plus if you downloaded their app, you scored some free toppings.

Each cone served had a wrapper printed which featured a breaking news headline which was printed in real-time in the truck so it really was the latest scoop.

You could follow the truck on Twitter via @WSJScoops and via the hashtag #WSJScoops.


How do you get the message out about properties to rent in London? Why not build your own property and sail it down the Thames, hosting parties along the way with a whole host of Celebrity DJs and guests.

This stunt garnered coverage across all major news outlets and really captured the imagination of those lucky enough to be involved. Described wonderfully by AirBnb themselves as Primrose Hill meets Pixar anyone could win the chance to stay at the house once it parked up in Putney Wharf.

The competition was simple to enter, simply enter your details and tell us where you would go in a floating house and why? The winner would then win an overnight stay for them and 3 friends.

Dinner was cooked by Michelin-starred chef Robert Ortiz then once you’ve had your fill relax into one of four bedrooms before the masseuses arrived in the morning to make you feel right as rain.

A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Last but certainly not least was the advertising scandal of the Summer. Protein World decided they were going to put up incredibly controversial billboards across London (whether they appreciated just how controversial they were or not before launch is up for debate).

What followed was an almighty uproar on Social Media, followed by investigations from ITV, BBC News and a petition with over 70,000 signatures to have the adverts banned. The ASA eventually banned the adverts in the UK but long after they’d received more coverage than they ever dreamed of.

The concept of intentionally provocative advertising isn’t a new one by any means but the impact of the always-connected generation means than in a matter of hours it could go around the World and back again.

Latest news is that they’ve started using the same adverts in the USA with a huge advert put up on Times Square…Let’s see how they grow from here? Will they continue with their provocative campaigns or will they take a different tact moving forward.

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