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Recently, we found ourselves involved in a lengthy debate with a particular B2B company about why they had previously experienced limited marketing success. The client expressed disappointment that none of their partners had ever been able to succinctly articulate the company’s value proposition. ‘And if they can’t do that, then they’re not a partner who can ever add value to our marketing or help us with our brand’ was the view of the client.

And so we turned the question back to them – asking them to give their opinion to us of their value proposition, so we had somewhere to start from; something we could begin to add some meat and interpretation to. It was something they found hard and clearly felt any agency should easily and instantly be able to identify and communicate their proposition. Therein, it appears, the problem lay between this particular client and their agency relationships…

Many of our smaller B2B clients understand, in principle, the role that marketing can play but are not yet convinced of the return they will receive by investing in brand building activities. They’ve heard about emotive triggers and even storytelling, but sense this is activity that is the domain of deep pocketed B2C businesses from which they’ll see little or no return.

Positive brand perception is one a company’s most valuable assets. A brand description can’t be created instantaneously and starts with a clear and relevant positioning that truly differentiates it from the competition. The company’s values, personality and brand image must stem from and support that positioning because branding then becomes about how to build a meaningful relationship with customers.

Building a compelling brand proposition and measuring its strength and effectiveness is not easy. It takes time and commitment to interpret existing strengths, research the market and prioritise a company’s core strengths in the eyes of the customer to create, and then build, a communication plan around a strong and distinctive brand identity.

To help navigate some of our smaller, less marketing confident clients through this process, we’ve devised a way to explain and demonstrate the benefit and value of brand. Working with us, it is also an exercise that enables them to uncover their own brand proposition and start them on the path of building a powerful brand. It is a pragmatic and approach that builds internal inclusivity, senior buy-in and marketing confidence. Once the initial brand proposition work is complete, we find the next stages become far easier – brand design debates become shorter and proposed communication and marketing activities easier to asses.

Branding is about trust and takes time to build. The brand proposition lies at the heart this trust and can’t be underestimated. To find out how we can help your organisation start on that journey, do get in touch:

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