Why we love Blippar

Blippar, for those unfamiliar is a mobile app that uses image recognition and augmented reality to provide exclusive interactive content for its users.

So how does it work?

Well, a user simply downloads and opens the app then points their camera at a ‘blippable’ image to open up exclusive content and augmented experiences, which are overlaid onto the users environment.

If that makes absolutely zero sense check out Blippar’s video below to see it in action.

Some of our favourites are below, why not download Blippar from the App Store or Goole Play store and try it out for yourself? To see more of what’s possible head over to their official site here and try out some more examples. https://blippar.com/en/blipp

Ok. So by now you’re probably convinced that it’s  pretty cool – but is it a viable solution and who actually uses it?

As Blippar works on image recognition it allows you to activate multiple touch points from TV, and print to outdoor and online. The platform provides an opportunity to offer consumers photo booths, games, polls, real time content, data capture and many more, whilst allowing us to measure, assess and respond to campaign metrics.

They have 4.5+ million users, 60% of which are active users. There’s an average of 7.5 blipps per campaign per user with an average interaction time of 1.5 minutes (that’s more the most websites). It’s a pretty versatile and impressive platform to say the least.

*The fact that 55% of global consumers are more likely to interact with a brand using specialist and niche digital services and 49% of them are much more likely to engage with digital experiences that integrate seamlessly with the physical world and it’s clear consumers want richer and surprising experiences.

Now Blippar are moving things forward in an organic and exciting way.

See something you like, maybe a top in window or a dog in the street but don’t know who made it or what breed it is? How do you search for that when search engines assume you already know what the question is?

Blippar has plans to release a new visual search functionality which removes the boundaries of keywords and language found in traditional search engines by allowing users to simply ‘blipp’ the world around us them retrieve contextual information. This will only work towards pushing Blippar towards mainstream adoption.

Now is the time to take steps towards supplementing traditional print campaigns with cutting edge interactivity and the exclusive benefits that Blippar can offer your consumers. The market is ready for it and Ambition can help you.

We utilise an in-house tool called ‘Blippbuilder’. A tool developed by Blippar, which allows us to conceptualise and build blippable campaigns in-house at a blisteringly fast pace. For more complex requirements and animation we can work with Blippar to realise your concept.

Want to find out more or have a great idea you’d like to discuss? Then get in touch.


*Microsoft Digital Trends 2013.

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